I am glad you have discovered my site. Welcome. As you might have seen, this blog is mostly about where my two legs take me. Right now most of my posts are in Estonian, but I will be writing more in English. Maybe I will even translate my old posts – maybe! If someone wants.

I like to explore the nature, eat good vegan food, meet fun people, experience new things, hike, and take care of my body and mind. I want to write more about topics that are close to my heart like sustainability, minimalism, compassion, cruelty-free consumption and mental health. Right now I am focused on improving my yoga practice, photography skills and just writing more. Hopefully these things interest you as well and you will find a reason to visit me here again.

Other things about me:

Here is my photography page.

I studied the classical piano for 14 years.

I have done some theatre.

I want to do more improv, film, creative writing.

I like listening.

I study business and neuropsychology at an American liberal arts college.

Still trying to figure out what to do with my life.


Any questions, thoughts, suggestions – anything – feel free to reach out to me.